Board of Directors

Do you have something to offer and think you would make a good addition to our board?  We'd love to hear from you. Please write us a letter of interest and share how you feel you could contribute. Send it to:


 If you are looking for a career, we have some openings as well. See our careers page for details. 

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Robin Shaw

co - chair

Why you are a member of this board: 

The first day that my son attended Hundred Acre Wood, we were awestruck with the rolling views, the many hiking trails, the inviting school grounds and the wonderful teachers. After his first day we asked our son “How was it?” His response “Hundred Acre Good.” I jumped at the opportunity to join the board because I found a welcoming, inclusive community who value child-lead learning and a reverence for the natural world.


Values Statement:

We can change the world for future generations by how we raise this one.


Bio: After working as a Model internationally for 15 years I now use my platform as a climate and social justice advocate. I’m represented by the world’s first ethical modeling agency, Role Models Management and I’m an Ambassador for and One Tree Planted. I have learned a lot as the co-host of the Hey Change Podcast, which is about optimism in action and I’m also the founder of Parents for the Planet, a new platform with the goal of supporting families to help create a better planet for our children and better children for our planet. I recently launched, a platform I co-founded with my amazing mom, in an effort to support antiracim, inclusivity and equity at the community level. When I’m not hammering away on my computer trying to change the world you’ll find me walking barefoot in the woods with my husband, our son and our good dog.

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Alex Allen

co - chair

Why are you a member of this board? 

I met Kim while struggling to line up childcare in order to return to my career after mat leave. She was in the early stages of creating HAW, and I knew it was exactly the kind of child care I wanted for my family. I ultimately had to renegotiate my contract and go back only two days a week, in large part due to the lack of options locally. The whole experience made me want to help change the situation in any way I could and led to me joining the Board. It has been a remarkable experience to watch the school grow from a plan to a physical place where my son can run and play. I’m very proud of what has grown from Kim’s remarkable vision. Working with the talented staff and Board of the preschool continues to be valuable and inspiring to me.


Values Statement:

You never know what’s around the corner; keep going.

Bio: Alex trained as a theatre technician at Ryerson and started working in the live performance industry at seventeen. Currently, she is Manager of the Marsh Street Centre. Her career has taken her in many different directions with rich opportunities to develop new skills along the way. This allows her to bring experience in event management, communications, fundraising and the non-profit sector to HAW. Varied interests and big curiosity have led her from one adventure to the next, and after moving to the area 8 years ago she fell in love many times over. Turns out being a parent is the biggest adventure of all.

Lisa Pottier


Why you are a member of this board?

When my partner & I started to look at daycare for our kids we realized the options offering a decent amount of outdoor time were really limited. Kim was looking for board members. I wasn’t sure how I could help, but I knew that children truly benefit from being in the nature and that an outdoor preschool would have a positive impact on the community.

Bio:  I grew up wild and free on dairy farm in the west of France. I worked as an adventure travel consultant for 20 years, travelling the world constantly, thriving in nature, going on active adventures on stunning grounds. I moved to Canada 10 years ago to join my partner in Toronto. We moved to Duncan 5 years ago where our two kids 3&5 were born and are running as wild and free as possible. I spent a lot of time xc-skiing and MTB in Kolapore.

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