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Preparing For Your Daily Forest School Adventures

We recommend dressing your child in what he/she will start the day in for outside play and packing all of the below items.  We go in and out a lot in fall/winter/spring.  3 pairs of mitts, 3 pairs of pants, and 2 pairs of boots are essential. This is our spring checklist:

Expert Tip: Label everything with labels or sharpie




Mittens - 2 extra waterproof pairs

 Pants - 2 extra pairs


Socks - wool/ski socks when temps are below 0


Seasonally appropriate layers

Clean and full water bottle

Sun block (on & extra) 

A healthy lunch & snacks will be provided for daycare participants as well as all play materials, art materials, books and other items that are required for safety, learning and enjoyment of the program. 

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