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What We're All About

Hundred Acre Wood Forest Preschool is a licensed non-profit early years child care provider.  We offer full time and part time childcare for children 18 months to 4 years old.  Our program is outdoor based, with a complete indoor facility to host nap time, washrooms, and inclement weather play.  Children are cared for on an individual basis while adhering to all regulations set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Hundred Acre Woods certified early childhood educators apply principles of inquiry based learning, child-led learning, play based learning, and nature based learning in their mindful interactions with each child. 

We are collaborating with Elephant Thoughts, a local and very reputable educational charity from whom we will be renting our space.  We are a provincially incorporated non-profit organization #1982823.
Beyond the full time Monday to Friday preschool programming, Hundred Acre Wood also hosts Parent and Tot Forest School Play Dates once or twice per week.  Weekend programming may be added.
Students of Hundred Acre Wood spend their formative early years roaming wild areas and forested land, they grow up with a love of nature in their heart, and become leaders and change makers of a sustainable future. Having been involved in growing food in our on-site gardens and tending to on-site chickens, our graduates also leave our programs with a unique perspective on where food comes from and with a healthy relationship to healthy food.  
Additionally, Hundred Acre Wood Forest Preschool will operate year round, and may consider offering childcare outside of regular business hours if there is enough demand and staffing resources available.  

At Hundred Acre Wood children are given the opportunity and space to learn while playing in a natural setting.  All facilities meet and exceed the Ministry of Education Early Years licensing standards as well as building and fire code, and public health regulations. Children use both the fenced forested area to explore freely, turning over leaves and climbing over logs, and they travel along trails as a group to stop and explore different types of natural wild settings.  We use child-led learning philosophies and encourage inquiry-based learning.  The playrooms allow children to move freely exploring the learning stations set out by the teachers each day. 
Hundred Acre Wood has a vegetable garden on site which both children and staff care for.  The food is used in the children’s snacks and meals, as well as available for staff to take home with them.  Children are offered healthy (organic and local when available) lunch, snacks, and water. No processed foods, no junk foods. Children also take part in the menu planning, food prep, serving food, and cleaning up. The menu exceeds the ministry’s requirements in terms of variety and the use of fresh local food options. 

Volunteer Board of Directors:
Chair - Joanna Zycki
Secretary - Laura Euesden
Treasurer - Sam Pollock
Director - Lisa Pottier
Executive Director - Kimberly Edwards

Stay tuned for more information, coming soon... 

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